Processing of personal data

This website does not use Cookies or any form of data processing. Its sole purpose is the publication of content.

Retrieval of web pages

When accessing these web pages, the visitor’s browser automatically transmits data about the desired resource, the IP address to which the data needs to be transmitted, as well as specific data from previous requests (cookies, referrers, forms, etc.).

Parts of this data is automatically logged to ensure technical operation. This data is basically only used for manual post-mortem analysis, otherwise automatically deleted after seven days.


Users do not receive any cookies from the web server.

Embedding external content

This webpage loads the ‘jquery’ library from ‘’ and the ’lunr’ library for local search functionality from ‘’. All other content is delivered directly from the server. An embedding of external content occurs automatically when the content cannot be provided technically locally. This generally applies to the browser-dependent provision of CSS / font data for a consistent presentation of the web content. Typically, this data is cached by the browser and fetched only once. A correlation between the individual website visits and the reloading of these resources is therefore not mandatory.

In all these cases, the browser of the visitor himself sends corresponding data to the respective external server.

Supervisory authority

In case of complaints, please contact the Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner.